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Friday, March 03, 2006

My Hindi exam was over yesterday so I went to see the Memoirs of Geisha. It is not like I wanted to watch the film because of the story but I wanted to see Zhang Ziyi and other actresses playing Geisha.

The film was long and kind a slow. Not to mention, the story is cliche....I mean the another orientalistic stereotype of Japan like The Last Samurai. But I like this film rather than Samurai one due to the actors and actresses. Imagine how odd Tom Cruise plays a samurai. (It is more odd that the film was welcomed by applaud by most of Japanese...)

The Chinese actresses are all my favorite ones. ( I have this weird belief that Chinese women are beautiful) Especially, Kong Lee was great. She could act a women who has a pride with her beauty and talent but at the same time always being scared. She did act so well that the role did not become a women who just jealous Sayuri.

I heard that there are some criticism among Japanese that it is wrong that Chinese play Japanese women. I wanna say that this is bull shit. This kind of essentialistic argument is based on the assumption that there is something undoubtful or definit "Japaneseness" among Japanese. Well, pronunciation of Japanese is bit different, yes, but there is nothing wrong other than that in the film. I mean, I do not know how to behave when I wear Kimono. (Never wore them in my life.) It is not like I know how to behave as what they call "genuin Japanese" by nature, rather that kind of thing does not exist. Japanese should admit that there are no actress who can play that role.

Other things...everyone looked so skinny in the film which surprised me.....I guess it is because I am not get used to see Indian actresses who are relatively chabby in international standard. Haha, actually, I now think that Indian girls are healthy than East Asians. East Asians should stop thinking about losing weight.

I would say that this film is not worth paying money to watch honestly. They could have made the film shorter by cutting some scene of childhood. Moreover, the ending was.....I thougt it was pathetic. I mean....well that is great that Nobu-san was found of Sayuri for long time. He was her "Daddy-Long-Legs"! what?!


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