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Saturday, March 04, 2006

Image of India

My freind told me that there is an article in Japanese magazine (which is more like gossip not like authentic political one) about a rape incident in Embassy of India in Tokyo.

The story is as follow.
A Japanese college girl went to apply for Visa and asked to wait a room inside Embassy. Then, a guy who looks like middle of thirty and who is called Yadav came. They started chatting. Suddenly, this Mr. Yadav took off his pants and asked to her to sleep with him. He forced her to put his "thing" in her mouth and ejacurated there. (sorry, if it is not appropriate in blog....) The girl went home with crying. Mr. Yadav kept sent her sms like I love you after the incident.

The credibility of the incident is not clear due to diplomatic immunity.

Well, it is a scary story but I kinda felt like laughing. Mr. Yadav....... Is he Bihari?

I think the image of India is not good nor does not reflect reality in Japan. All the imformation we got there is distorted either chaotic India or religious India like Gandhi or Bhudda. Therefore, most of reguler travellers avoid visiting here and only those backpackers or strange people are gathered here from Japan.....

Something should be done so that my freinds change their minds to visit here!!!

By the way, when I started to learn Hindi, my teacher told me the phrase which is the most useful in India.

"Rahene do"

She told me to use it since lots of guys will try to talk to me.

However, I have never used this phrase except to perstering beggers. Is it a good thing or bad thing? Am I lucky or should I be happy about it? I am still wondering.......


Blogger satya said...

Yadav's are from UP, MP,Jharkhand also.

Scary story,really.

6:13 PM  

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