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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Hindi film and me: encounter

I guess the time has come to look back a relationship between Hindi films and me. (too early?)

An encounter with Hindi film was...I still cannot forget that event...when I was a freshman of my university . It was the first semester and I took one class called "language and culture of the 20th century". It was an introductory class and guest lectures who were expert of particuler countries had lectures everyweek and we were required to submit a report. There were lectures as German poet Kirke, the American English etc etc....None of my classmates took this class since it was recommended to take a computer class instead. One day, I went to class as usual alone. The lecture was about India that week.....

The professor was expert of South India, espically about Hinduism. But he came to class excited and showed Indian film to us.

It was shock to me!

It took time for me to understand this is a film! Very submissive, quiet but pretty girl felt in love with middle aged chubby guy, whom does not looks like hero for me. And she was rescued by him from gangsters. Suddenly, they started singing a song in a place with lots of flowers and stuff. In fighting scene, this chubby guy was jumping and sometimes was riding a caw, which I thought no human beings can such a move.

I thought that the film was not sophisticated. Too simple and pictures were not beautiful compared with my favorite French or Chinese films. But one thing was sure that everyone laughed and enjoyed it including me.

Later, I came to know that this chubby is famous actor called Rajinikant from South India.

It can be called encounter with strange or unknown for me. Of course, I did not expect that I would end up watching Hindi films and enjoying them in my life at that time. Life is full of surprise!

But...there was still long way for me to get enjoy Hindi films since then. I did not watch any of them for 5 years after that till Dil se which I saw in my Hindi class.....

If I feel be continued.......


Blogger satya said...

Terribly cute,just like you are.

Rajnikant is mostly a South Indian hero and has acted in few Hindi films and trust me Hindi film actors are not dark,fat and ugly,only the South Indian ones are like that.

Also we as kids loved Ranjnikant because he was very stylish. He lit ciggreates with guns and put them between his lips in great style,also wore goggles and was dead serious when it came to fighting the villains. He was quiet popularin North India when I was a kid.In some films has done a great job. Now a days I hear he does mostly trash Tamil movies which are made for his fans.He hardly acts in Hindi films now, I think his last hindi film was ten years ago and that too a dubbed Tamil movie.

He was a bus conductor in Chennai or Bangalore as I have been told. Meaning he sold bus tickets when he was discovered by some great director or writer, I dont know which.

4:55 PM  
Blogger satya said...

How can we make you continue your comments on the encounter with hindi films...which I think will continue......

4:57 PM  
Blogger Da Macha said...

Hey Satya,

Your comments are simple unacceptable. If you dont know anything about rajnikant, shut your trap.
"trust me Hindi film actors are not dark,fat and ugly,only the South Indian ones are like that.
" - What does this mean? Is this a proper comment to make.?

'Now a days I hear he does mostly trash Tamil movies which are made for his fans" - and this one??
What the fuck do you know about our Superstar? HE is far far far better than all the chubby faced actors in Bollywood.And dont you dare enter Tamil NAdu ever in your life. I might end up killing you.

Last piece of Information: The Dark, Ugly looking Superstar of Tamil Nadu is originally a North Indian whose real name is Shivaji Rao Gaekwad....

SuperStar Rajni Fan,
Tamil Nadu

4:42 PM  

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