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Thursday, March 09, 2006

Hindi film and me : Discord

The year 2004 was a year for me to start engaging India. A real encounter with Hindi film started this year.

The first Hindi film was Dil Se. My Hindi teacher showed it, I guess, seeing my reluctance with learning Hindi.

Although I had some interest in the film, there were many things which I disliked.

One: Sharukh Khan was stalker. Everyone! He sneaked to watch Manisya is taking bath!!!!!

Two: How can people dance on the moving train? They will fall!

Etc, etc….

Teachers showed me lots of Hindi films. For example, Sholay, Mr,420, Mr and Mrs, Ayar, Jaagte raho, Satajit Ray’s film(It is Bengali, though), Bawandar….. I liked some of artistic films but I did not like commercial film at all!

The worst one for me was Dil de chuke sanam because of Salman and Ajay. I got scared to go to live in India by watching this film.

In the year 2004, my relationship with Hindi films was hostile. The reason was because I did not try to understand cultural context of films. I did hate everything about India including film. The more importantly, I was not attracted to any of actors.

It took for me one and half year to get enjoy Hindi films. I watched Lakhsya and HumTum right after I came here, but still I could not enjoy them. I thought the Lakhsya was too nationalist, macho, brotherhood film and could not understand why Rani was dancing with half-sleeve in winter in Netherlands.

What happened to me to get enjoy Hindi films?

To be continued…..I hope


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