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Monday, September 15, 2008

Cat knows...

A dog is a friend of human beings. What about cat? We Japanese believes that cat can bring a lack to business. I guess that a cat is more like an inaccessible girlfriend to human beings. Still, there are some rare moments when a cat suddenly became all over you, which makes their existence so precious to you.

I like a cat. Dogs are cute but I prefer a cat. (They can chase mouse.)There was a happy encounter with a cat at one of my friends house. She is technically not my friend’s cat but she sleeps there and eats there. (Yes, a cat is so free!) She got pregnant and had babies this summer and we found out that she got pregnant again (Busy girl!). Yesterday, she delivered babies (it seems there are two of them) deep inside the closet of the friend’s place. According to my friend, she searched all over the place to look for the best place for delivering babies two or three days before.

I admire an instinct that those animals have! The cat knows what is best for her and babies, look for places and finally made a decision where to do her job. Look at me…..I cannot even make simple and supposedly easy choices in my life. I cannot even deal with trivial stuff which keeps happening in my life just because I have no clue what is best for me in a situation. If I were like her, the life would be much simpler.

I will make her my mentor. Should I get one of those fish that I got from Thailand for her?


Blogger itinerant said...

I loved this post.

The humour, the perceptive feel of Simi's instincts and your own issues, that's skillful.

I wont blame you for liking cats and Simi in particular, she is terrifically arrogant and demanding and as sensitive human beings with a worldly demeanor, we fall for it and bad.

And the Japanese are in many ways particularly crazy about cats.

But I might end up fighting, Simi, for the fish from Thailand. Yummy.

7:09 PM  

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