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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

literacy rate and child labour

Bacause 12th of June is World Day Against child Labour, there were articles about child labour in papers. I, delibarately, refrain from arguing the topic here since I sort of changed my way of thinking about child labour after I came to India.

Anyways, there was a survey of % share of workers of child labour in Times of India. Surprisingly, the rate of that of Delhi is much smaller, 1.35 %, than I had expected. Which state has the highest rate? The answer is Sikkim(12.04%) and Mizoram(12.34%). According to the "States and Union Territories of India" (2005, Penguin Books India), literacy rate of Mizoram is 88.9 % and that of Sikkim is 68.8%. As for notorious Bihar, share of child labour is 4.68% and its litaracy rate is 47%.

What does it mean? Why the states which have one of the highest literacy rate have highest % of child labour?

Does that mean that there is a huge gap among the population?

I just hope every children can get a lot of love from parents, family, freinds and all.....


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