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Thursday, March 08, 2007

Koffee with Karan

My recent secret behaviour is to watch Koffee with Karan on U-Tube. (I have a TV but I do not know how to use the newly installed device to watch!) I am not a big fan of Karan's films. I think they are cheasy and pathetic. However, I am enjoying to watching the show somehow. Why is that?

For one reason, it is interesting to watch actors and actresses speak as we do. I am curious how they behave off the screen. How they speak (Do they really speak English?), what they are thinking and stuff. The other reason is that I want to watch someone is bitching about someone.

But I am just long does it last? Karan will end up meeting with same old people and talk about same old things? Once is enough for listining to SRK is making a joke about the rumour that he is a gay and he sleeps with Karan. I am not that bitch that I want to listen bitchy talk over and over.

According to the filmfare I bought today, Karan in is NY writing his next film. (Why does he need to be in NY? To be inspired or to get away from the heat, dirt and powercut?) I hope he would do something different for the show next time....Cuz I am getting bored with them and nothing to watch after long and boring hour at my office!



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