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Thursday, April 10, 2008 room for excuse...

When everyone even the chubby Kareena Kapoor is losing weight, I am still struggling to shed two kilos which I gained over the winter. According to Delhi Times (My daily dost along with evening Zoom news), Kareena’s weight is 49kg now. When she started Yoga, she was 60kg…..Sushmita gained some weight. Other popular actresses like Rani (Well, I think she is very charming, though.) or Vidya are still overweight, but….Kareena’s becoming skinny is something different….huh….Well…it is not something to write after having eaten a cup-noodle which my colleague brought from Singapore at 10:00pm at office, but but but I feel like I should do something about my body.

Apart from weight, Kareena Kapoor is someone I cannot ignore. I used to think she is ugly especially in Yuva. Her face is too long and she was fat. I did not like the way she speak. I though she was ridiculous in Kabhi Kushi Kabhi Gamo. Still, I could not get my eye off from her…..I think it is time for me to admit that I sort of like her and accept the fact she sort of made it (well, she got all what most girls want; thin body, money and a guy). Well, one thing for sure is that I cannot use the excuse that I can show my leg cuz Kareena’s leg was huge in Don…..


Blogger ... said... is it that you come up with such scathingly good stuff..
i'm so excited about these excuses.

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