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Friday, March 10, 2006


Anybody who has spent some time in the city of Angle will see this film as something relate with them. It is not about somebody’s matter but could be anybody's daily lives in LA.

This film deals with a racial situation in LA. It shows racial segregation and lack of understanding toward others with funny and ironical story. LA is the city where white people are not majority population although the images of white culture as Hollywood, Santa Monica or Beverly Hills are so strong (especially for foreigners). Each race lives separately and usually does not mix up with each other.

The first part of the film, each character, black, white, Mexican, Asian (It usually means East Asian in American context.) and Iranian expresses their own view about other races and themselves in their own languages. Their life is far away from each other even if they live in next block. Occasionally, their life meets on the street, usually with unpleasant.

People in LA do not mention inappropriate things about race because they know that they should leave them unsaid. But the reality is that the discriminately ideas lie deeply in their minds and spill out when they get feel feared, mad or emotional distracted. The film well depicts it.

However, the film was not so dismaying to me though it brought helpless feeling. What director shows was that everyone is same in terms of relationship with others like family or friendship. White “racist prick” police officer, black police officer, Iranian family…they care their family and suffer from. Is it called humanity? Sounds like I am naïve, but that was the impression I have got.

Everyone thinks that discrimination based on race is not morally appropriate. But the reality is thatI cannot deny I assume some roles assinged to particular race. I cannot deny that I feel safe in white or Asian neighborhoods. I wear a mask that I am harmless Asian in LA and I know I will be fine as long as I am wearing it.

I cannot make any comment about the Oscar and this film since I have not watched other films.


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