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Monday, April 17, 2006

cannot believe.....

My Korean friend came back form a three-weeks trip to Thailand. I asked him “how was it?” He told me that he did not want to come back because people are so nice smiling all the time and foods are cheap and good.

I, on the other hand, was attacked by a beggar girl who was selling Tehlka. I said I do not want it to her. Then she scratched me three times by her nails. I got a scratch …..what is wrong with this country!

Honestly….I sometimes think that living in India makes me a vicious person. I wish I could live in a place where I can smile to strangers.


Blogger xanjukta said...

love the pictures with the drinks on the bar... like the fact that you had fun partying in mumbai... am surprised you know of bernard malamud... have had such difficulty talking about him to most people (cos they haven't heard of him)... besides that who's the person who dared rake your anger... tell me and he shall live no more...

lots of affection and many smiles

8:55 AM  

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