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Sunday, March 12, 2006

Hindi film and me: Reconciliation?

I thought I should write about reasons why I get to enjoy Hindi films now. But then… I feel like it is kind a boring and wondering I should write or not. It is simply because I have gotten to know about India bit and I am get used to the patterns of Hindi films. The major reason I watch comes from the belief that I can get an idea of Indian society because films reflect what people want to see. Of course, it is to learn Hindi.

Well…, I just gonna write a few comments about Hindi films.

Girls are icky. They are overreacting and pretending to be too nice…no, the word innocence is better. Come on, take off your mask and be yourself! That is what I always feel. Also, they scream too much.

Some of films lack originality. They just imitate Hollywood style and story.

But I should admit that I am enjoying watching them.

Someone told me that a guy who enjoyed seeing Hindi film so much during his study in JNU stopped watching them once he got back to Japan. Hope, it won’t happen to me…


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