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Tuesday, June 06, 2006


I forgot to write about my trip to the Ananda in Himalayas last month. It was a request of my friend who came here all the way from Japan. We 27 girls are keep looking something by which we can be healed (yeah, mentally). She looked for in yoga and in meditation. (By the way, I met Yoga in the U.S five years ago. Different cultures in Asia still contact through perceptions of own image by West.)I brought my (sort of) life assignment with me there. I had lots of things to think. Since my thoughts are not yet cleared, I will just put some beautiful pictures here.


Blogger satya said...

Great pictures. Sometimes words are not enough. The pictures give a good idea of the peace and calm at the place.

Remember or better still, dont forget, I am the Buddha in the making, a genius zen master and I can feel the aura of the place, very nice and peaceful....

Cant I get paid for this crap?hohoho.

1:22 AM  
Blogger aya said...

it was peaceful but it was so artificial. All the things were made to suit commercialized (or Orientalistic) images of India.

Still...the air of the hills was so nice.

But master, the calm that I got there totally disappered because of the Punjabi bitch. hehe.

6:48 AM  
Blogger xanjukta said...

Aya-san, what amazing pictures... i wish i was there, instead of sweating it out in Delhi... Satya, the point about you being the buddha in the making has finally sunk in to all and sundry... kindly desit from such reference further, cos that is very un-buddha like ;-)

Aya-san, it is never the place, however commercialized, it is always the air...

10:31 AM  

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