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Thursday, March 08, 2007

not too late

mmm....I gained two kg in a month which scared me and I decided to lose weight.What I did first is to order books from Less than a week by express delivery, I got those books about pilathis, how to make your legs look beautiful, how to do massage (for detox) and stuff. book...caght my eyes. The title was like to lose weight without fighting.

As far as I remember, I have been constantly trying to lose weight in all my life. In joniour high school, I did not take lunch. I gained weight in high school, I stopped eating on the second year and got sick ended up going to hospital. I did not have lunch after that during my three years high school life and I was much thinner.

The book told me what I was doing was wrong for my body and my mind! (Yeah, you can say that. But you do not know the pressure that we Japanese girls are going through) When I want to lose weight, I just have a piece of chocolate and just fight against my hunger. According to the book, suger actually disturbs the level of insulin which disturbs my nerve and the control of appatite. It is more important to keep it in a certain level so that we can have serene wave of appatite. For this purpose, beans, brown rice, whole wheat or atta should be taken. ( I can eat as much as I can!) We should avoid taking too much fat, rice or white bread. And not suger! Suger is bad for us not because of calolrie but it distrubs our nerves inside brain!

Impressed with new way of thinking, I started (at least started trying) to eat well and eat things which are recommended in the book. Well, I do not lose weight much but I stopped eating too much sweets when I am working. There is not crazy, sudden and long lasting hunger. I think I am keeping normal hunger.

I do not know why I wrote about weight here. might change my way of thinking or my mind by eating well. Cuz foods are all source of all our activities. (Hope it works for my rash!)



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