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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

New Year Resolutions...

Happy Happy new year!

Since my office has been closed for 6 days for end year and new year holiday, I have got time to write my blog again. But...nothing like philosophical or smart idea do not come up so far, I will simply make some new year's resolutions here knowing these resolutions never been successufuly carried out in my life so far.

1. Be positive and be patient about my job and start looking or preparing the next career.

2. Stop smoking. ( I have made it when I was 20, I can do it again!)

3. lose weight or do not put on weight. ( Already I gained 1kg...start from this small step.....)

4 . stop obsessing about my weight and stop critisizing other people's figure...(it is none of my business even Karina Kapoor thigh in DON looks like huge sausage to me...)

5. Most importantly, stop bitching about India......

6. ( wish...) Go back to Japan for holiday for the first time in three years....

Wish everyone who read this blog have nice, wonderful and fruitful year!!!


Blogger xanjukta said...

so, aya-san how are you keeping up with the resolutions??? two months are up..what's your weight?

7:29 PM  

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