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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

some thoughts

It has been a while since I wrote something on my blog.... I am not depressed but tired.
I envy people who are doing light job as internship or something.

The funny thing is that one of my friends has been so depressed, too.

My shrink, who are willing to talk to me from Japan, advised me not to take seriously what other people do or say.

My friend was also depressed by things which others said to her.

Anyways, I did attend management seminar which I am not interested in. There is one guy who has worked in an American company and a Japanese company. He talked how it was difficult for him to acquire Japanese work ethics...commitment and stuff.
He pointed out few of those qualities which foreigners are required to work in Japanese company. I do not want to introduce them here but surprising thing is I am finding it difficult to acquire them, too. Commitment to my boss! No way.... shrink also told me once that the value of older Japanese cherished has not been succeeded to younger generation. Listening the guy's lecture, I thought maybe an answer might lie in his lecture. I do not need to evaluate them or judge them. I just need to adopt them for my convenience......

Hope I can write more academic, intelligent or whatever…..


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