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essays about my daily life. It will be something about India since it makes me happy and bothers me a lot.

Friday, June 15, 2007


The news of death of the grandson of M.K. Gandhi, Prof. Ramachandra Gandhi, appeared even in Japanese newspaper. M. K. Gandhi is probably one of the most famous Indian for Japanese. (Rests are Nehru, Chad (Sikh Singer who sang a hit song in Japanese and Tiger Jet Singh (Sikh wrestler) )

There was a nice piece by Sanjaya Baru, a media advisor to PM, on Hindustan times of 15th of June. Both of them were teaching at Hyderabad University. Prof. Ram said “I am a Gandhi, not Gandhian” when he declined the invitation from Dalit students for a function of Gandhi jayanti. And he resigned the university since the univ authority forcefully cut neem tree against his appeal not to cut.

I do not know anything about him, but he seems like who has humor at the time sarcastic…but have something like his strong will or belief at the bottom of his heart. If there is any resemblance with M. K Gandhi (though he hated village people came to see him whether he really looks like a statue of Gandhi), it is his strengths and belief in himself to carry out what he think is right.

Descendants of Nehru are still so active in politics. But I like a man who can quit his job for a tree much better than a man who visit villages only for votes!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

literacy rate and child labour

Bacause 12th of June is World Day Against child Labour, there were articles about child labour in papers. I, delibarately, refrain from arguing the topic here since I sort of changed my way of thinking about child labour after I came to India.

Anyways, there was a survey of % share of workers of child labour in Times of India. Surprisingly, the rate of that of Delhi is much smaller, 1.35 %, than I had expected. Which state has the highest rate? The answer is Sikkim(12.04%) and Mizoram(12.34%). According to the "States and Union Territories of India" (2005, Penguin Books India), literacy rate of Mizoram is 88.9 % and that of Sikkim is 68.8%. As for notorious Bihar, share of child labour is 4.68% and its litaracy rate is 47%.

What does it mean? Why the states which have one of the highest literacy rate have highest % of child labour?

Does that mean that there is a huge gap among the population?

I just hope every children can get a lot of love from parents, family, freinds and all.....

Monday, June 11, 2007

Jammu wala

The former Miss Jammu has made a film about her sex scandal or video. Lots of people remember this Jammu-wala (and DPS wala, of course!) though it was about a year ago....

I have no opinion about her and the incident so far, but cannot forget what my freind said about her after watching the video.

"She is so hairy!"

mmm.....I am curious how hairy she is and where......