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Friday, July 18, 2008

think and act locally

Found an interesting article from BBC.
Children from weaker section of society in Patna are learning English through a radio program. This program, called Fun English, is 30-min program and four times a week . Not only it teaches English, but also it convey some of messages like hygiene or traffic rules.

This interesting project was launched in collaboration with US-based organization and USAid. The state government has given 1500Rs to each school to buy a radio.

I though that this is brilliant idea. Only 1500Rs per school! They do not need to install expensive devise or anything. One of the brilliance of this program is its effect compared with the amount of money which is required. 1500Rs per school! Of course, money are being spend on making a radio programs but these skills and ideas will be passed on to the Indian staff in the future and they could make a profit also.

Beside, with this program, children can listed the program even if a teacher does not show up to the classes.

When it comes to “development assistance”, I often felt the need for regional expert or someone who know the business in the country well in planning a program. It does not mean those expertise of “development experts” are not necessary but I think there should be a fine balance in using a personal or need a perceptional change in those experts. (At least, I think it is necessary for our country.)

It is not about how much you spend money or what kind of building or train or metro you built.

Science Minister Kapil Sibal mentioned interesting thing today in the climate change related seminar organized by ASSHOCHAM. He said something like those global companies who have high technologies need to think locally and act locally, if the technology is way too high and cannot reach to common men, the society would never change.

Yes, what we need is projects or technology which directs aam aadmi if they really want to change the society. Well, we cannot blame on companies which is based on market theory but I thought this applies to those development assistance.

Honestly, I hate those people who believe their developmental work is beautiful but never mingle with the society!