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essays about my daily life. It will be something about India since it makes me happy and bothers me a lot.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

life goes on

I am just so stressed out. I am living with wondering whether my life is OK or not.
Definetly...I am not happy about my current occupation. I feel bit of jealously seeing people who have better colleague says that I look like having all the burdern and sadness of the entire world. life is not so bad except that I am not doing what I want to do.

It might be good to look at some of positive aspects of my current life. is great to have source of income. I only need to pay bit (as much as
hostel fee of JNU) to live in my house. My resume would be look good after few years.
I can save money for schooling.

still...these things does not appease me.

Life goes on. I should move on, too. The only thing I am sure is that I will feel better if I can manage current job and situation. Yes...I hate my job but I just do not want to run away. I want to leave it someday with satisfaction that I could manage it but leaving job for something I want to pursue.